Nicole Smith



English & French

Office Location

457 Bishop Drive P.O. Box 1180
Fredericton, New Brunswick

About Me

Nicole is a young success story as she brings her experience an entrepreneur of ten years experience as the owner of a thriving business in the personal care industry in New Brunswick. As part of her business development strategy, Nicole had expanded her business to include event planning and administration, naturally progressing into real estate.

Her ambition, integrity and  strong work ethic allowed Nicole to continue the development and expansion of  her business within the city of Fredericton. Through her successful networking and promotion activities, Nicole has become publicly engaged in various projects and actively involved in her community.

Nicole delivers experience in the areas of client engagement, negotiations and engagement activities, communication efforts, business development and event planning. Nicole has a strong desire to see her province prosper, and is enthusiastic about the opportunity to see growth in New Brunswick’s economy.

Nicole is a native of Fredericton, New Brunswick and graduated from École Sainte-Anne, she is completely bilingual. Nicole continued her studies in personal care and has also completed training in small business management and administration, media and negotiations.